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QuietPure Whisper Air Purifier by Aerus


QuietPure Whisper Air Purifier by Aerus

$ 159.20 $ 249.00


The QuietPure Whisper Bedroom air purifier will quickly and quietly remove airborne pollutants in any room up to 350 square feet; ideally sized for bedrooms, offices or smaller living rooms. You will breathe easier thanks to the Whisper's three stages of air quality filtration and appreciate the Auto Mode that automatically adjusts it's air flow based on current air quality. The Whisper also features an air quality display that appears as a lit ring around the top of the air purifier. The ring's color indicates the quality of your air so a quick glance at the Whisper will provide you with valuable feedback. A programmable timer function allows for effortless operation day or night. Color: White with silver accents.


  • Purifies the air in rooms up to 350 square feet
  • Quiet, whisper-like noise levels
  • Low energy consumption due to the use of a brushless DC fan motor
  • Easy to read and intuitive control panel
  • HEPA filter contains carbon for improved removal of VOCs, chemicals and gases
  • Three filtration stages:
    • HEPA filtration: removes airborne particles
    • Activated carbon filtration: removes VOCs, chemicals and odor
    • Negative ionizer: improves your air's sense of freshness
  • Colored air quality display informs of air quality conditions in real time:
    • Blue - Good
    • Yellow - Moderate
    • Red - Bad
  • Auto mode - Automatically adjusts fan speed to improve the air quality
  • Sleep mode - The air purifier runs on a super quiet air flow speed
  • Timer function sets schedules off in 1, 4 or 8 hour increments
  • Provides an aroma therapy disbursement pod
  • Made in PRC

Not approved for sale in California

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